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When you’re ready to take your lawn from good-looking, to breathtaking with a touch of botanical flair and panache – call Grasshopper.

From maintaining the perfect shape all season long to proper fertilization or herbicide application (depending on what suits our clients best), we have got this!

The team at Grasshopper are experts in aesthetically pleasing landscapes; it starts with their attention-grabbing sod installation which provides years’ worth of durability coupled with luxurious tropical looks– just one example among many others that make us proud members of “your” community as well as a landscaping business

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Aside from our incredible landscaping services, we also offer clean-up post job!





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From Our Clients

I had a great experience with this company. They were helpful and knowledgeable. Loved the service. I highly recommend this place and definitely will use them again.

Hind Kheye

Fantastic lawn care company ran by some of the hardest working, sincere, and honest people in the business. In a former life I was a property manager and what I have seen from Grasshopper has been nothing less than impressive.

Shane Stone

Always prompt, professional, thorough, and friendly!

Ashley Moore

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